7th May 2006

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    1. No hay que dejar pasar las cosas, olvidarce... Solo hay que vivir y no enterrar lo que vivimos, por eso hoy pongo esta cancion, para no olvidar... Para recordar algo muy importante que todabia no termino. Kissing the christmas killer ~ Maaya Sakamoto... I was heaven sent Traded for the words I swore that Every piece of me would still belong Forever and a day To someone who cared Whatever there may be Ever there may be You came along Now I'm going all against the Promises that I made, and here I am Falling for your love Or am I lost in heaven I don't know any more Don't know any more Judgement will be made On a Christmas day Hiding in the snow, he's prying me "Toys if you've been good Knives if you have not" Better steal a kiss 'fore I'll be gone I'll be gone Busquenla en radioblogclub.com . { http://DropOfTime.blogspot.com }

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