19th Mar 2014

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    1. Close to dusk I drove into this area and shortly after passing a few boulders I would realize. I wasn't in the correct location as I read on a map. I have a second photograph in which I'll put up later. Of the top at a close up view.

      I am alone here until I startle some wild mustangs and rustle the feathers of two big red tailed hawks.

      Then I see their nest and what I parked in front of and realized. If an earthquake would of hit nearby. I would of been buried buy rubble of limestone boulders the size of school buses at holding fifty students from end to end standing on rear bumpers side by side.

      So I moved out quickly, but slow enough to see a black stallion running up towards me and cutting me off. ''I think he could smell some oranges and apples I was carrying in my vehicle.

      The Authentic Artifact item I have up as well showing a basaltic arrowhead point was found nearby this location and is up on eBay at the moment under my ebay identification name - amoxenyte

      Not to far away was also located a clear yellowish agate knife, also up on the auction site ebay.

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