19th May 2014

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    1. THEN painted it up after - photographing - copying - slicing - stretching - pulling - blending - bending - twisting - shaving - perplexing - molding - curving - expanding - pasting - plugging - pulling - squeezing and repasting every piece I could get in from various images of my own, cooked, fried, melded, molded, casted, and ripped to throwing and gluing to get everything in as quick as I can to getting this piece done in about three hours. (Just taking my time when I needed and placing various pieces off & on to figuring out where I needed to go next. From one object to another until I fitted the works together to make this splendid piece of artwork).

      "Shame no one knows the rider or the horse. But I'm sure glad there are many images to collect from and to restore to a better precision and better punctuation of taking and giving away the free-flower growth of producing unique and more different images on a regular basis.

      "How many would you know, that would go this far and do what they can to get, grab, take and change, to create newer and more interesting outlooks like many of us do today!

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