4th Jun 2014

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    1. I go to my local newspaper. They wont write it up or make story about it, but they do so for another couple that finds a skull two months later that belonged to an adult mammoth.

      Then before the second discovery, the same reporters are looking around nearby to where I found that tooth because of their tracks they left behind. And then they begin to follow me everywhere without asking me for more details or about all my other special finds.

      Then a reporter moves in an apartment beside a friend's apartment and later asks me if I would allow them to be a guest on my face book.

      So do you think I would oblige to them. And "why would I" want too?

      Natsies aren't little nats to me, but this one reporter is getting to be a nuisance w/o feeding me any due credit. And I just found out I have had uranium in my possession for a few years.

      So if I am infected. Does this mean those that get to near in spying on me will get glowing green like me too! ;o)

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