Hi there,

Major social networks nowadays are packed with endless content and sophisticated algorithms, all aimed to lure us into digital addiction that allows them to collect vast amount of data and maximize advertising revenue.

It’s time for a change.

Thus, we started Fotolog, to build a different social network, a GOOD one that prioritizes the wellbeing of users; to advocate for a meaningful and healthy way of using social networks; and to foster real connections among people instead of connections generated by algorithms.

We establish a ground rule for everyone — one post a day, yes, only one post.

We build you a personal journal filled by your daily post, so that you see yourselves and others in the long-term instead of just last week.

We want to end the excessive posting that pushes you to seeking validation by others, and instead help you to appreciate that single moment that represents the best (or worst) of the day.

We want to end the meaningless consumption of content, and allow you see what’s going on with your friends easily without the fear of missing out.

We want to end the overuse of social networking that results in our personal data being abused by advertisers to propagate their agendas, sometimes misinformation and mistruth.

Consider this an experiment. So far, over 2 millions of you have joined us. Probably, together we change how people use social networking. Who knows …


Fotolog Team
Daniel, Dener, Diego, Jose Luis, Lorena, Michael, Raul

A warm note to our old Fotolog users:

If you’re one of the old Fotolog users, you may be wondering what’s going on here. Yes, it is the same Fotolog, and yes your photos are still here. But it’s a completely new team, new company and more importantly, new vision.

Some time ago, when we heard that Fotolog (some call it “the grandma of Instagram”) was closing down, we were quite sad. We have friends who found their best friends on Fotolog; we have friends who met their husband and wife on Fotolog; we have friends who maintained a Fotolog page with their boy/girlfriend of the time; and we have friends who simply saved tons of silly photos of their youth on Fotolog.

So we thought: “why don’t we take over Fotolog and give it a new purpose?” After lots of hard work, we did it and here we are today ;)