28th Mar 2009

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    1. #0723 Marosvásárhely/ Târgu mures, Romania Exhibition `În spatele tu sei de vopsea` Membrandt 20 May-10 June 1992 Palace of Culture May 28 MEDDIG TERJED A FESTÖ SZABADSÁGA? http://www.fotolog.com/amazone/59738181 For the second time this evening the exhibition was broadcasted on the Hungarian radio and TV together with a review in the newspaper. Marosvásárhely had obtained a Hungarian victory in the second round of the elections past Sunday. This morning the news showed our ambassador Mr. Coen Stork who had succeeded in a treaty between the Netherlands and Romania. Each day I heard about the problems. Today Zoltán asked to mail a letter for Vilmos in Budapest or the Netherlands. The customs messaged the transport was possible for 6 or 7000 Lei per express to Varna. 1 DM was 240 lei; thus about 30 DM. Romania was the only country I transported the exhibition in my personal presence. At the other side there was the idea for the trip with Dénes, more expensively, although I would gladly drive with him through the the Romanian Carpatians to Varna. He was six years older than me and of German Saxon origin. When he saw me, he laughed and with the German language we had no problem. For him it was attractive perhaps, for he made new contacts in Varna with my best friends. Monday he returned from Budapest. Without sin, I could not live any longer when I thought of him. The tragic story of Medea in the Greek mythology had gotten already its reverse with Alfio. Medea wanted to be liberated and her body returned to her rationale, during my life in Central Europe. First talk, then act, I had time enough to think, the right decision would occur to me. The serenity gave me the peace of mind which I desperately needed. What would happen with me in the future? I watched the late news and saw the proud László and Kati at the opening of the 1st Marosvásárhelyian private textile gallery of Kati `Artis`. .

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