10th May 2014

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    1. using photographs of past geodes that I sold on ebay under identification name amoxenyte there and the skin of a friends arm because he didn't want to be on the net anywhere with his face. ''funny'' but there are a great deal of friends that rather stay quiet to themselves and stick with being outsiders and away from internet people. ''whatever those are?"

      after throwing the palette together at a fast-pace I realized before I almost threw it away. that at a distance. ''while collecting some hot aroma tea'' I would see a darn-tootin-person's face in it. "but only at a distance is it visible. about thirty feet away. ;o)

      and he looks sophisticated at that distance. ''you should walk away and see if you can see it too.

      years ago, I was pulling weeds by a sidewalk to find any big rocks before mowing a small lawn. and to my surprise.... staring through a double storm window... was a shadow of a mans head, but with dark evil eyes and with perfect mouth turned with a strong grin I had to go get a camera.

      after I get back out there through that same section. "there he was" staring right out the window at me. "He looked like he was two feet back behind a bar by this window and inside there isn't anyone. he even had hair and his feature was all a whitish complex of a shadow that looked like a man's true head and face. (this was three years ago) I hadn't seen it ever again. I wished I knew how it formed. Or if he was a true entity. He seemed pleased with my lawn care and left.

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