11th Sep 2014

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    1. Their photo was collected from a family pose found under - Family Portrait Images - on google.

      The TOSE_AS370 Palette piece helped from one artistic image to another even out from - Illusion of Space Void and with palette mostly I used was from titled image on fotolog - Graffiti I enjoy with the vibrant colors and collection designs, helped induce and thwart the image quality of this piece, even with the help of an old acrylic painting I did of one I called "Ice Cavern"

      Ice cavern got the most attention throughout friends that seen it and brought me extra attention on the internet before I got on ebay in year 2001.

      Since then I was sending out cards of my works through shipping them to various side-street businesses and got some great publicity. I met over a thousand people alone after I went online. Before that, it took years to make the friends I got today. Although, they were just test subjects in actuality. But I don't think they cared!

      Plus equiibedilula scobbelaiee sqwantume-foochane. 644

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