13th May 2014

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    1. BASICS: Name: YO MAMA! Age: 17 Birthday: July 17 Zodiac: I'm a crab. I don't really believe in it :p Single or Taken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onjaC3A2xjk Height: Ice giant ^-^ Eye Colour: Blue Favourite Color: Purple Lucky Number: None SPECIFICS/DETAILS: Favorite Fictional Character: Joffrey Baratheon - when he's dead! mwaahahaa - Favorite Television show: Game of Thrones Favorite Season: Winter Describe Yourself in a Few Words: Honest, piece of shit. But my friends say I'm adorable anyway. Meaning of Your Name: A princess. I guess. Ultimate OTP: No idea What Do You Plan To/Do For a Living: Zeh arts THIS OR THAT: Introvert or Extrovert: introvert Dawn or Dusk: Dusk Righty or Lefty: Both Coffee or Tea: BOTH Rain or Shine: Rain Reading or Writing: Both

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