22nd Jan 2017

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    1. Real love doesn't hurt.
      Real love fills your lungs with heat.
      Real love doesn't make you explain yourself all the time.
      Real love doesn't make you find reasoning.
      Real love doesn't make you defend real love.
      Real love might make you feel sad sometimes.
      But it doesn't hurt.
      Real love doesn't make you lie.
      Real love doesn't leave you empty at night, crying your heart out.
      Real love can't stand to see you cry.
      And I've seen real love in the smiles of my best friends.
      On their joy.
      I've seen real love in the way I look at him.
      I've seen real love in the way you look at her.
      And now I see you have never loved me.
      And that's the greatest realization of all life.
      Time and space.
      Because it means.
      I don't love you anymore.
      And I get to be finally free.

      For when the day you read this.
      I'll be long gone.
      Happy, and safe.

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