11th Oct 2017

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    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow_qI_F2ZJI Bring Me The Horizon - Throne

      “No one can escape their past. The sins we've committed... and the sadness we've caused... No matter how far we run, our past remains, as ever-present as the moon in the sky. It looms in wait... for the day when we are forced to face it. But only in doing so can we truly make peace and move on in hope towards tomorrow.”

      We aren't some sort of heroes. We're only human, you and I.
      You want to "save someone"?
      That's something easier said than done, wouldn't you say?
      You can't run away from that. You can only fight. That's all you can do.

      "A dragon never yields. Even when wounded, a dragon bites down hard, and never lets go till its dying breath. It glares, it roars, and it latches its jaws firmly onto its prey till the bitter end. That's what we do to get to the truth!"

      "You can't feel the heat until you hold your hand over the flame
      You have to cross the line just to remember where it lays
      You won't know your worth now, son, until you take a hit
      And you won't find the beat until you lose yourself in it."

      "So the life can throw me to the wolves
      Tomorrow I will come back
      Leader of the whole pack
      Beat me black and blue
      Every wound will shape me
      Every scar will build my throne".

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