4th Apr 2016

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    1. I cannot believe I started again after being away for so long working on the next photographed sculpture.

      A saguaro cactus is what it be of. ....."So be sure to look at my new model I'm getting hooked on producing of I may fall in and get trapped in a new world of creativity. Log & Chicken-wire Dome Homes.

      What a sweet duckling! I forgot where I picked up this photo too."

      Do you all know what car bumper decal attracted the most attention towards my vehicle in Utah County back in the 1980's? Believe it or not! >->>/\/> Feather Balls, Leather Balls & Fuzz Balls are on board.

      I had more people yell at me and honk on highways and bi-roads and in local town residency.

      Men should try it!

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