6th Nov 2016

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    1. Corded wood rises
      From ancient roots.
      Ephemeral generations of birds
      Nest in tangled limbs
      And the tree stands sagely,
      In wise silence,
      To turn over years
      As the sun and moon blink
      Fast as two eyes.

      Up she climbs!
      Through a thousand leaves
      That grab the air in a
      Rolling, auburn tide,
      With Autumn's freckles on her face,
      clever as an elf,
      And a maze of languages and streets
      That wind through cities all across the world
      In her head,
      She finds a path to some high branch
      To sit and watch the sky.

      Thus I saw,
      Remembering lessons and kind words.
      A lovely tree
      And on it perched
      A lovelier girl.

      - From Toshiro

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