5th Aug 2014

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    1. In a café they were by chance
      tired in the soul from walking,
      she had a carnation in his hand.
      He approached and asked him if was wrong
      reached the window on tiptoe,
      and took a walk in Corrientes.
      Look everyone! they alone
      can more than love
      and they are stronger than the Olympus.
      They hid in the center
      and in the bathroom of a bar all sealed with a kiss.
      For a month they sold roses in La Paz,
      I feel that nothing else mattered
      and the two got together something.
      I do not know why but the you ever saw her again.
      He carries it with six eleven,
      and, laughing, he gave the moon

      Look everyone! they alone
      can more than love and are stronger than the Olympus.

      The love does not? Fito Paez by

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