27th Feb 2009

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    1. Hey!! bueno, aqi ando de nuevo
      despues de un monton de no
      subir foto!! pero bueno, aqi andamos
      otra vez....no hay mucho qe contar
      solo qe, ando medio confundida, triste
      no c!!! algo esta pasando y no me gusta
      para nada ¬¬, la vdd es como qe
      estoy perdiendo a mi mejor amigo =(
      pero bueno...alamejor era algo qe tenia
      qe pasar, o tal vez no pasar...el tiempo
      lo dira... eso es todo por el momento
      qe esten muy bien y qe tengan un excelente
      fin de semana!! cuidense mucho
      aqi les dejo esta cancion qe me gusta bastante!!!


      How can I decide what's right?
      When you're clouding up my mind
      Can't win your losing fight all the time
      Not gonna ever own what's mine
      When you're always taking sides
      You wont take away my pride
      No not this time
      Not this time

      How did we get here?
      I use to know you so well
      How did we get here?
      Well, I think I know

      The truth is hiding in your eyes
      And its hanging on your tongue
      Just boiling in my blood,
      But you think that I can't see
      What kind of man that you are
      If you're a man at all
      Well, I will figure this one out on my own
      (I'm screaming "I love you so..." But my thoughts you can't decode)

      Do you see what we've done?
      We're gonna make such fools of ourselves
      Do you see what we've done?
      We're gonna make such fools of ourselves

      I think I know
      I think I know
      There is something that I see in you
      It might kill me I want it to be true

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