20th Mar 2005

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    1. hi, well here`s the first photo that i am going to upload `bout the famous people in the fotologs..
      heres lebart, you can find him in http://www.fotolog.net/lebart
      also heres rafael or, the skaterboy. His fotolog si http://www.fotolog.net/sk8erboi.
      There`s also kaike and you can find him in his page: http://www.fotolog.net/kaikesurf and this last guy, i do not know his name but here`s where you can find him: http://www.fotolog.net/ilove , well that`s all. Tomorrow I think that i am going to upload another photo. Good bye.
    2. ahuahauLebart is everywhere!!!
    3. Hummm... to me candidatando...;-)
    4. lebart bello
    5. lebart es el que gana!!! :D
    6. all of them are so cutes!!! =)...
    7. nice one!added already
    8. 4qyqyqurq
    9. ;)
    10. barbieproibida @ 2005-03-20 23:44 said:amo o kaikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee;*************************TOP FAMOUS!delete-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- samsarah @ 2005-03-20 23:46 said:cool! your fotolog is added! ;):*******~sammy~delete-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- surfista_rj @ 2005-03-20 23:49 said:Can you put my photo in your fotolog??? i would be very very happy!!!bye byedelete-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- el_simpson @ 2005-03-20 23:49 said:cool fotologi like your ideaadded byeeedelete

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