22nd Mar 2012

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    1. "Row Row Fight the Power!" Veo una Luz que cada vez es mas fuerte. Se Puede Realizar muchos sacrificios, y estaba pensando en que no sé veía los esfuerzos o sacrificios. Let's GO!!! Do the impossible,see the invisible ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE POWER! touch the untouchable,break the unbreakable ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE POWER! what you gonna do is what you gonna do just break the rule,and you see the truth This is the theme of *G* coming through baby! ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE POWER! Power to the peeps,power to the dream Still missing a peice scattering,so still incomplete We be the most incredible soldier from underground See how easy,we all fall down Digging to the core to see the light Let's get out of here babe,that's the way to survive

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