24th Feb 2004

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    1. congratulations! (eric got a new camera.)
    2. digital_dogseat
    3. Canon Power Shot S50 ???? Nice shot !!!!( No !!! No!!! I`m not a camera geek )
    4. dope series!... the train party is soooo beer commercial.
    5. i feel like im moving but im standing still
    6. wow..your shots looks gorgeous!
    7. WEEEE! i need one now too. having a delayed reaction to the loss of mine!
    8. gotta love new cameras.
    9. oh, and btw, the pic of me on rachel`s flog - i had black hair.
    10. eric did not get a digital camera... in fact, didn`t he just get a medium format fuji in the mail? eric - how`s the fuji??
    11. http://www.fotolog.net/agentyoung/?photo_id=6668502
    12. great shot!
    13. Yep. Love it. http://www.fotolog.net/familybmx/?photo_id=233138
    14. Oh, I thought you were running some kind of illicit flog dating thingy. Or were having an affair with eshepherd. I suppose yr explanation is much more, um, interesting.*Repeats: "I must not be so immature" 100 times*
    15. Ooh, nice camera - is he super-worried about losing it, or just into a bit of glove bondage? Woss "swoon log maintenance" then? I am way too nosey, I know.
    16. ps: UFO log maintenance needed
    17. ha! ps: swoon log maintenance needed...
    18. congratulations!
    19. bravo!
    20. HEY!!! i was on the new D train this morning going over the manhattan bridge and I saw a Q train going in the opposite direction with passengers!!!! how do you explain that?
    21. I have that camera, sort of. Nice shot of Eric`s camera.

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