30th Dec 2017

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    1. 10:45 pm: Is it pittbull to write that the liner of the Holland American Line represents the last Friday of the year of the 150th anniversary of Confederation or several radio hosts-Canada animated their last issue of the year of 375ths from Soreil-Tracy and Montreal? Take note that you miss at 20:00 the cultural review of the year it will be rebroadcast Sunday at 17:00. Discovery will be in the time slot of 11:00. Given that at 19:00: it will be the special live of the universe (90 minutes). 8:30 pm: See you next week 9:30 pm: The newscast 22:00: Informan The year will end with the traditional Bye-Bye. The Siberian cold, which is still raging for another 3-4 days, was the reason for the outdoor spectacle in the city of Ottawa. The celebrations of Montreal and Quebec City (Grande-Allée) are now.

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