2nd May 2014

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    1. Using photo-cut-outs, paste-ups-of my huge selection of amoxenyte photography I had taken since the beginning when after I first offered is as a material (earthlings had never seen before) I would call imtational coral.

      When hot glue gun heat fell upon the backing a person could fold and roll to bend these pieces easy and each were usually 2" by up to 5" a piece and naturally most would be as thick as 3/16" and durable enough to use -(even as floating lily pads or islands for even African Miniature Frogs) because the versatile stability they were made of. While some or most could float.

      I even told people by invoice directions on how to make caves, shelves, arches, and especially their own tunnels "just out of hot glue'' from a glue gun.

      While many of my purchasers believed it was a group of individuals making each piece. It was actually myself because (if I mentioned) it was just one person. I wouldn't of sold as many or any at all.

      Because employees at any firm that ran individual pc units wouldn't like someone making fame just before their very own eyes at the moment -so they would of given serious problems. "Like they do today now. After they would find out how I am personally the one and only who made each one when after I started offering them as Galaxy Meteorite. Because of the lunacy in what I used for a giant ad description, "how it explained how they were produced by celestial beings" meteor collectors saw what I was doing and started showing strife. (A)

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