25th Oct 2004

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    1. on friday night, i unexpectedly ended up at tryst, in adams morgan. i took a tiny (the contents fit, with nary a cm to spare) beaded clutch with me. inside: 1) my keys, including the little sensor that gets me in my new building/gym/business center, etc etc. 2) fantastic invention-- oral b "brush up". i bought a case of them. how can you resist a kooky commercial where the actors use jazz hands while twirling about the ny subway? oh, and they work, too. 3) chanel red glossimer 4) mobile that DOES NOT WORK thanks to a ludicrous software issue that was allegedly fixed four months ago. *$#@^%[email protected][email protected]!!! 5) tiny, powerful, tortoise-esque clippie for hair. that`s all, folks...

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