1st Apr 2005

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    1. sigh. fotolog has sucked. you all know that. this is a FREE flog, so it`s not like it gets any technology love. having excuse-pleaded all that, let`s get to it. :)

      you know the drill-- clockwise from le top:

      1) CA DL and no, i`m not giving it up anytime soon

      2) two random cents...how symbolic

      3) platinum wisa check card

      4) keys with NEW keychain veena sent for valentine`s day

      5) burt`s bees cuticle creme...smells delicious and works, too

      6) ancient Trucco lipgloss...it`s so old, i don`t know the colour

      oh...and yes. this is my new Coach bag. it`s tiny, perfect and addictive...i.e. i might start collecting them. talk about a way to FORCE yourself to edit what you carry. only the basics and that`s that. well, except the cuticle stuff. ;)

      i`d have done "what`s in my WORK bag" b/c it`s huuuuuge (to make up for the prolonged absence), but i`m late! i`m off to NEW YORK CITY! :D
    2. i love burt bees!!!
    3. yup, it`s a little charm on my purse. i have an extra. vant it?
    4. What`s the rainbow thingy?
    5. it took you 4mos to update this? :)
    6. i love the turquoise stitching and handle, thats my favorite color! have a great trip, and a comfortable bus ride. Use the money you saved on your ticket and treat yourself in NY ;-)
    7. Im still happy I have the same key flap as you :D
    8. have a great time in nyc!
    9. burt`s bees cuticle cream is the best! i love their products.

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