3rd Aug 2014

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    1. I won't hold my tongue. I'm not okay without you here. I guess what's done is done, I just feel so exposed without you near. I won't say that I'm okay, because you taught me not to lie, so know that I'll miss you everyday. You always taught me to be good, and always do my best to be selfless but know that God is holding you and I am so damn jealous, 'cause I miss your arms around me and the way you make me laugh. Now im stuck inside this prison that says you're never coming back. Now I'm sitting in my room as I try to write this song. I'm so sorry that it's not good enough, it's just that everything seems wrong, and I keep bursting into tears because the pain won't go away, because the father took my best friend and said she cannot come out to play anymore. I won't hold my tongue. I'm not okay without you here.

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