17th Jan 2006

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    1. My hood is pink because of this hair of mine.
      I'm like that girl with really red hair off that show.

      I'm on an anti-smoking commercial.
      Yay me.

      Come on career..pick up!! make me famous!
    2. I miss your kitten face! I WANT TO SEE YOUR COMMERICAL AND YOU ARE LOOKING HOT THESE DAYS LET's make love to each other in a CRAZY place. Like a chimney. Or an alley.Hiiii!
    3. hey cutie im super goodwork work workand play play playsup witchu? its been forever!!loveKhate
    4. You're on an anti-smoking commercial? Don't you smoke?
    5. Hi! How's it going man? I miss you :(
    6. coooooool a commercial?!
    7. i love running into you. it's pretty much awesome and verrrrry circa 2003.or 04.i dont remember.

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