19th Jan 2006

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    1. European Assault
      LAMB OF GOD has scheduled a brief break in their current writing sessions for their upcoming CD in order to head back to Europe for several select concert appearances. The stint will consist of 16 shows only, all in December of 2005.
      Support for these appearances will be provided by DevilDriver and The Agony Scene.

      “This select run will represent the final concerts of the ‘Ashes of the Wake’ touring cycle,” notes drummer Chris Adler. “It’s been an insane year for all of us in the the LAMB OF GOD camp and there is not a better way to end it than to visit Europe again then spend the holidays with our families. We’ve been writing like crazy since returning home from headlining the Sounds of the Underground Tour and things are coming together very well. I’m not sure if we will be playing any of the new material in Europe, but I won’t rule it out. Thanks to everyone who has come out to see us or in any way supported us – we are fortunate to have you on our side and we’re looking forward to these upcoming concerts as well as delivering an amazing album in 2006.”

      Chris Adler - drums
      Willie Adler - guitar
      Randy Blythe - vocals
      Mark Morton - guitar
      John Campbell - bass

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