4th Apr 2008

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    1. Hello hello! I am back! I am back!


      And wherrrre did I go? Well, fotolog shut alll my accounts down *grumblemumblemumble*, because I'd made an account for Laura (who was, at the time, 9) but, as she didn't have her own email account at the time, used my address for it.

      Anyway, in a fit of peado-accusation-terror Flog did a sweep of all accounts belonging to under-18's, DESTORYED them. As well as all the other accounts affiliated to the email dress associated with said pervy underage accounts. EVEN if one of the associated accounts predates the underage one by nearly a year and has an age of 28 down for the owner.

      Now, if I was trying to sneaky my way into fotolog as a 16 year old, I'd pretend I was, like, 19, or 21, not 28. 28's like, nearly 30. Eugh.

      Oh, unless I was considered to be a seedy 28 year old suddenly pretending to be 8, in order to pick up fellow peados and...um... you know, have a drink.

      Anyway, to be fair, the email I got informing me of the account shut down *did* have a special address to email if your account had been wrongly shutdown, but it also had a time limit on that address, which I didn't get back to them within. What I didn't realise was that my email address had now been blaaaaklisssttted, as the dirty underage/peado-luring scum that I was. And after the special email address stopped working, I couldn't get a reply from flog at all on the subject.

      Basically, if I were more efficient none of this would have happened. (D'oh! Story of my life)

      Now, however, I have a *slightly* different email address - same address after the @, but a different word before it. A-haAAAaaa. I have foxed the system with my cunning ways!



      I'm sorry. I'm very young. I can't help it.

      Hey! I can set what date I upload this on! Wow. That's snazzy. What other treats do you have in store for me, O fotolog of the future?

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