13th Nov 2008

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    1. My dog Guifiti, named after the most potent drink in the Garifuna culture and for his intense defense of our house... in his moment of relaxation.

      I tried calling him, because I wanted to feel the love. He looked up, acknowledged that he heard me by raising his ears, and laid his head back down on the ground. He didn't feel like being bothered.

      So I snapped this picture to remind him: Never bite the hand that feeds you!!

      Mi perrito Guifiti, llamado por la bebida mas potente en la cultura Garifuna, relajando.

      Lo llamé por que queria sentir el amor incondicional de las mascotas. Guifiti solo me dio una mirada que me escucho, pero no queria hacer caso.

      Tomé este foto para recordarle: ¡A no morder la mano que te alimenta!

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