8th Jan 2004

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    1. Corkie`s party trick was jumping up for scraps from the sharp carving knife...

    2. BAH coitado do cachorrinho... com a faca quase na boca!!!isso nao se faz!!! menina ma!!!
    3. Sword swallowing is not as easy as it looks.
    4. Corkie is a pothead with the munchies.
    5. everyone loved teasing that bitch CORKIE...if CORKIE didn`t properly get the meat off the knife...she`d pay with a cut to her toungue...god, we would all howl when she cut herself...but that bitch CORKIE got us back ..Remember how we all got worms because NAT never washed the knife after that damm trick...ugh
    6. hello from brazil....beautiful dog, visit my fotolog and youŽll see mine.bye bye..
    7. grrrreat. drwan to the pots on the wall as well!
    8. WOW !!he`s make a "hot-dog" ?!?!?
    10. beatuifull dog :)
    11. haha! very nice picture!
    12. hehehehehe
    13. ja estava com saudades de suas fotos.
    14. After hearing the price to neuter a dog, Gary decided he could do just as good a job on his own. Here corkie corkie....
    15. pots on the wall...classic. corkie always wanted to be in the dog and pony show.
    16. hahhaha U R GREAT!!!-
    17. very nice...

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