19th Jun 2014

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    1. This product is a high capacity portable powerbank with high performance li-ion cell, whose capacity up to 13200mAh.It can be regarded as a charger or a back-up battery with USB output which can charge for mobile phone, game, iPod, MP3, PDA, MP4, MP5, PMP and other device with USB charging by matched discharge output cable and plus adaptor. The way of charging is connecting portable powerbank with USB and laptop. It can easy to use and solve no power for your device anytime.

      See more at: http://www.newnow.com/products/13200mah-white-external-backup-battery-charger-portable-power-bank-for-cellphone.html

      Battery Type lithium-ion
      Product Type Rechargeable External Battery
      Capacity 13200mAh
      Input 5V, 1 A
      Output 5V, 1A/2A
      Charger time 8-12hours
      Color White
      Battery cycle life ≥500 times
      Weight: 85.00 Grams

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