30th Jun 2014

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    1. NewNow U4 10400mAh Portable Backup Battery USB Power Bank Charger for Cell Phone-White

      See more at: http://www.newnow.com/products/newnow-u4-10400mah-portable-backup-battery-usb-power-bank-charger-for-cell-phone-white.html

      It is a compact size multiple power system that is designed to power or recharge batteries of variety of portable electronic devices including most cellular phones, game consoles, digital cameras,Mp3/Mp4 players, Bluetooth headsets while you travel. You can charge the electronics anytime and anywhere.

      * Fashionable design
      * Huge capacity, 10400mAh.
      * Easily fit into your carry bag and charge your mobile device anytime and anywhere.
      * Four LED indicators show you the energy state of external battery
      * Built-in Li-ion battery
      * Dual USB output port allow you to charge two mobile devices simultaneously.
      * Apply to various electronics devices, such as mobile phone , Blackberry, Mp3 , Mp4 , PSP , iPod, iPhone and etc

      * Convenient and easy to use, Great for power outages, emergencies, business trip and more

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