16th May 2010

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    1. Deu Saudade de passar por aki,
      A banda acabou,
      O tempo passou...
      Agora tudo se resume em Time Files!

      Ai em cima a úlima vez que eles vieram aqui no Rio de Janeiro!



      7 de Maio de 2009 ---
      Noel's 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere' (08/05/09)
      These gigs just keep getting better and better. I didn't think we could top Peru, Argentina and Chile but fuck me, last night was easily up there with the best nights EVER! Amazing crowd. I suppose one should expect nothing less from Brazilians, but still - "well done".

      And if that wasn't enough, I spent the day by a virtually deserted pool right on the beach. Hungover. Just me. And some beautiful people playing volleyball in the pool.

      The atmosphere was spoiled somewhat by "Man, I Feel LIke A Women" by that Shania Twain playing somewhere in the distance. 3 TIMES!!

      Still, it's days like these that I'm glad I persevered with that bloody guitar when I was a young boy.


      PS. By the way, The Bulldozer didn't show up

      While we're living
      The dreams we have as children
      Fade away
      They fade away, away, away
      Fade away, away, away


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