15th Sep 2007

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    1. .Hollywood Art Show present... "So many selves...". ;)*

      As part of their monthly series of group shows, the Carmichael Gallery has assembled another exciting line up of emerging artists from around the world. "So many selves..." is a diverse collection of works from over twenty-five artists of varying backgrounds, ages, gender, and circumstances. Each of the pieces in the show is unique in subject matter, style, and, quite frequently, media. No one theme dominates, and yet the harmony and flow of creative impetus is unhindered from the first canvas to the last. Like a crowded room of beings engaged in animated conversation, each eager to tell his or her personal story, "So many selves.." demonstrates the beautiful communion and growing international empathy of our art world.
      Including works by: Alexandre Yassu (Brazil), Andrea Shear (USA), Angelique Houtkamp (Holland), Binho Barreto (Brazil), Candice Tripp (South Africa), Chris Stain (USA), Ciro Schu (Brazil), Damion Silver (USA), Daniel Bileu (Brazil), Fefe Talavera (Brazil), HUSH (UK), Irina Troitskaya (Russia), J. Asher Lynch (USA), Jeff Schultze (USA), Josh Taylor (USA), Josh Heilaman (USA), Justin Kleiner (USA), Justin Lyons (USA), Ken Garduno (USA), Lindsey Kuhn (USA), Mike Egan (USA), Misery (NZ), Mose120 (UK), Nate Williams (USA), Petite Poupee7 (Brazil), Randy Noborikawa (USA), Rodrigo Villas (Brazil), Sergio Mora (Spain), Terri Woodward (USA), Yuki Miyazaki (Japan/USA) and more!

      Opening Reception

      Saturday, September 15th, 2007
      From 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
      Show closes October 4th.
      RSVP to [email protected]

      Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art
      ( http://www.carmichaelgallery.com )
      1257 N. La Brea Avenue
      West Hollywood, CA 90038

      SAVE me from all the EGO and VANITY inside
      of POOR and MEDIOCRE human beings!

      + love
      - hate

      take it sweet!


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