25th Sep 2008

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    1. Overlooking the Bracana River near Buzet, is Kaštel Petrapilosa.

      From the interpretive plaque near the castle ruin:
      This medieval ruin is situated 119 meters above sea level. Written sources first reveal the castle in the 10th century as The Ruin, given to the church of Pore? as a present by Patriarch Rodald. It was restored in 1285 under the rule of the Aquileian Patriarch (1208 - 1420) after which it becomes the property of Venice. In 1440 it was bestowed to Nicola Gravisi of Prian into "eternal feudal tenure" alongside with 12 villages. The castle was destroyed by fire at the beginning of the 18th century. Despite the fact it wasn't rebuilt, life in it continued up to 1900. The Church of St. Mary Magdalene was build as a part of the castle.

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