3rd Nov 2009

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    1. There are many times in a woman's life where the color "pink" becomes contradictory.
      The A does not want to wear a hot pink accessory because she thinks she's overage. The B doesn't want it either, because she doesn't mean to be that young.

      The point is that there is no color as powerful and feminine as PINK. And Juicy knows how to apply this color to its items as no one else.

      The Hot Pink is a great option for fall, it goes perfect with black, brown, green, and dark blue.
      As we see in the picture, this Juicy is more appropriate for casual occasions, mostly till early evening.

      The purse is gorgeous, and because it is a very expensive accessory, it goes perfect with a basic dark blue jeans, a contrasting color t-shirt (colors above), and a nice shinny scarpin.

      When going to Juicy store or section, don't forget to take a look at their jewelery and perfumes, they're awesome!

      Remember: details make the whole differential. A nice looking hair, clean well done nails, and a fresh body mist can turn any mortal into a princess! Also, remember that good taste is not a matter of price. Use your creativity and smartness, and all the rest will come to you.

      The team.

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