5th Aug 2015

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    1. I found it by splitting a harder shale matrix apart by throwing the thing at a distance to watching the shale shatter and then I walked up on it to see if its worth keeping. I have seen in Fossilmall.com three that were found together in Australia and noticed the similarity. Plus I found another squid "Bob Harris" and his friend's claimed their eyes couldn't see . They acted like I should of asked them to throw the rock away so they could sell it for what it's worth and claim fame on the find themselves. It turn's out the squid is in fine and excellent shape for a transparent soft-bodied fish. I also noticed where Bob told others their baby dinosaur eggs were not eggs and they had thrown them on the street by where I was found parked one day. I picked them up and still have them. Bob is one fellow that wont have to see these again. After selling one of the bugs he bought from me and sold for $800 on FMC. In which he only gave me forty bucks for. Museums said calcite cover could of been removed by laser, Bob" and bug would had sold for $14K....

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