8th Feb 2018

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    1. Loved by supporters, hated by everyone else. Club América brings their signature attitude to the 2017/18 Away Kit, a tribute to their Royal Eagle.

      In 1916 one of the club's founding students paired a cream-coloured shirt with some navy trousers he took from his father's wardrobe and created Club América's original kit. The 2017/18 Away Kit disrupts that traditional white base with a modern geometric pattern across the shoulders inspired by the feathers of an eagle—the club's symbol. That club pride also shows with an eagle detail printed inside the shirt's collar.

      The crest's design has stayed relatively consistent over the years: Club América's initials over the American continent, encircled within a football.

      On Columbus Day in 1916 two collegiate football teams combined to create a club that could compete on a higher level. Commemorating the holiday, they named it Club América. Since then, they've won a massive collection of silverware, including 5 Copa Mexico titles, 12 league titles, and were the first Mexican club to play internationally. Today 'The Eagles' play in the largest stadium in Latin America: Estadio Azteca, where their Royal Eagle circles the pitch before each match, landing on the match ball while supporters, the Barra, chant Odiame más, ("Hate me more").


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