18th Jan 2004

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    1. Hmmmm...is it real or is it Memorex? Goes to that whole "what is photography?" discussion that av started. It`s real...and it`s not. A person could go crazy thinking about it.The "family reunion" went spectacularly, by the way. Mutual love at first sight. I`ll write about it when I have some more time. Thanks so much for the note.
    2. thank you ronni for your comment on Kalevala (01/03). I have had a busy time at work, but now I hope will get more time for taking pictures. Probably I have to walk around and let the feeling decide about the pictures – perhaps there will be some new. Cheers.
    3. "To look: at everything which overflows the outline, the contour, the category, the name of what is... looking is submitting the sense of sight to the experience of interdependence..."on visibility by john berger
    4. its a tree its a photo its art : - )
    5. Hi,Here`s a link for your weblog: http://www.timegoesby.net/weblog/2004/01/fotolog_followu.html

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