6th Oct 2007

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    1. Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me i've tried so hard to keep it together my blood runs cold, i clench my firts i'll seize the day by it's throat and watch it die the last thing you see will be my face remember this face this ones for old times, you're so empty inside you did this to yourself this is my counterstrike, right here we call to arms i've scared my battle cry, it search and destroy you fucking whore i'm burning down your house now. hope yo god you're in your house burn bright like a star traitor your cries mean nothing, i'll take my time your tears mean nothing, i'll take my time i can't leave you breathing, oh the stories you'd tell maybe you'll learn when the dirt fills your lungs i am you nightmare i am the shape in the dark i am your ending ashes to ashes, dust to dust god know i had better xDD kncion d LEATHERMOUTH! amola banda d frankie jeje! (L) la prox pongo la bio d LM ok toi apuraa k sten bn xoxo! n_n

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