21st Nov 2008

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    1. Revolution Deathsquad Flying over darkened skies the battle will call Destiny is calling we’ll be out of the storm And the world falls under the starlight Shining from heavens below Ride the wings of pain and sorrow searching for more Gliding on the tracks of pain, just never before And the stars fall on the horizon Onwards and up through the pain Ride the wind and fight the demon, steel shining bright Standing together forever onwards, flames burning strong I live in hell of pain and sorrow now and never onwards We stare into the dawn of a new world Cry out for the fallen heroes lost some time ago In our minds they still live on when the sands of time are gone Rise over shadow mountains blazing with power! Crossing valleys, endless tears, in unity we stand Far and wide across the land, the victory is ours On towards the gates of reason Fight for the truth and the freedom, Gloria Searching through the memories to open the door Living on the edge of life like never before When the crowd chants under the moonlight Facing their fears all the same Hell is spilling open wide enough for the core All this time we’re allied to the angels before And the world cries out from the silence Lost in the voices unknown Blinded by the force of evil, cries into the night Living before in the seas of darkness, now they're all gone Out from the shadows storming on the wings of revelations Your soul will feel no mercy behind the door Hold on for the morning after never to let go When the fire's burning strong And the time to try and hold on No hay mucho laburo hoy, pero me tengo que ir. Leucemia

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