15th Mar 2010

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    1. My Novel Unforgettable' 11/44

      All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .

      Kei took Mac book sleeping out of a drawer of the desk and called it with Enter key.
      Opening the application program of the radio station with the right hand, Key shut the drawer with the other hand. In the moment it was shut, the thin cover of the book “The stranger” given by Kaori was caught in the drawer and broke short.

      There are 30,000 of those who come in the event place on Sunday, and Kaori who was completely late for Kei's room looked discouraged a little as she noticed that the program was already in the last stage. She lost her strength from the fork that pokes salad somehow. Kaori smiled keeping up appearance, remarking “You are a good cook of potato soup.” Kei opened the lid of volvic wrenching and took a sip. It was too chilled to vibrate the core of the head.

      《This program has always been broadcast videotape recording and it is called program auto which is equal to an automatic pilot of an airplane. In fact, Sixty minutes of today’s program was all sent by hand power. In a word, it is live. There is a reason for it. Today I’ve got a message from my friend who is always in charge of this program. The message is for a girl. But I must say she is a fan of me. She is here because I’m here....Well it’s quite complex. Anyway, listen to this. I hope she is listening now.》

      The artist, MC of the program talked in joke a little, but the tone sounded somewhat provocative. After that, the sound of touching keyboards several times was faintly heard from the speaker. The sound of rubbing papers each other sometimes appeared in a higher place.
      Kei felt for the switch of Mac on the table with his fingers and pushed it up, feeling Kaori’s glance. Kaori’s spoon stopped in air, and her glance flowed slowly after a while. Kaori was quietly watching the top and bottom of the sound wave which was produced by the application.

      《I met you three times. At the first time, you told me with sparkling eyes that your dream is to meet the artist openly. But it was a boring publishing memorial party and it seemed to me that your voice sounded dark somewhat though your expression was bright. I wondered why this girl was quiet talking about her dream. There was a shadow in your words although eyes were sparkling. I was very anxious about that. Therefore I wanted to meet you again. At that time, I could not leave my office. So I asked you to come to Omotesando. I feel sorry for that.... 》
      The air of the room waved faintly. Kei turned his eyes away from Kaori’s profile. The pale light of the moon falls giving out clear light on the floor at the window.
      The light was so tranquil and beautiful as if it would never end and stay there.

      《At the second time we met, I was really tired because I had not slept for two days or so. Then I just wanted to meet you. But you were talking feverishly about a guy six years younger than you. You said that the guy looked kind of crooked, but he was actually very obedient and gentle....But sometimes you found the cool part in him. It was a feeling like shutting himself, not you and throwing off him … It is just like me at the time...You smiled saying that. Your eyes were very calm and clear when you were talking about him.》

      Kaori left the table and sat on the floor. Kei stole a glance at a profile of Kaori who was sitting down holding the knees. The glance stuck to one point of the floor. Kaori's cheek was thinly wet in the bluish white light. Kei could not feeling that there is something he had not known yet in Kaori, seeing the transparent, wet film that had extended on her cheek. Kei wanted to learn the meaning of tears. One water drop stuck on a “volvic” bottle slipped down slowly and diagonally.

      I still doubted that you might be just an annoying fan who wanted to meet the artist. I thought the time when I introduce her to the artist would be the end for us. When I met you third time, I told you seriously. We met thus because there are personal connections. Certainly personal connections are very important to work in this world. But as a result of connections being forwarded, not only trashy programs had increased but also instant artists had appeared.
      Essential parts of musicians were left and how will musicians be promoted? Artists used to gather to a man of talent. A talent brought personal connections. But today personal connections are first. Many requests for introducing a new face in my program come. Not only the request comes but also they present their bodies. Men and women alike. And they left at the same speed as they came. I did not want to be concerned and even swallowed. Therefore, I had to ascertain various things. And I had a doubt about you. I am really sorry 》.

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