15th Mar 2010

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    1. My Novel Unforgettable' 12/44 All Translated by Yumi Ikeda . http://www.fotolog.net/yuming/ Kei’s cellular phone on the bed vibrated. It was Rika. 《Do you hear me? 》 Kei did not answer, sat on the bed, and watched Kaori's back. Kaori who is taller than Kei trembles like a little girl. Any woman might return to a girl at a time like this. Kei looked at the display of the phone lying down on the bed.   Ryo Osawa added the word, “And.....” hesitating in a moment. 《I have a wife. And I love her. My kid has just reached his third birthday quite recently. Of course I love him. But while living in a busy life, what I had in my mind was your smile you showed me every time we met. It was a soft, innocent smile. I noticed I smile naturally when you crossed my mind. I want to meet you. I sincerely think so. But I would not love you like I love my family. Sill I want to meet you... You told you will go to his outdoor live. I will be waiting for you at the back door. 》 Kei looked away from the display. He jumped out of bed and took a sip of “volvic” on the table. Then he asked behind Kaori, "You want some?" Kaori shook her head looking down. It seemed her swaying hair has made a small sound. From the outside of the window, a cheerful voice of man and woman who had got drunk rolled into the corner of a room, mixed with a hackneyed commercial of whisky. . "So what will you do?” Kaori shook her head right and left like saying that she had no idea and fell silent again. A soft night breeze came unexpectedly from the window that opened a little and shakes the hem of the curtain. Kaori took her cellular phone from the bag on the floor and stared at it. Dim light stayed in Kaori's eyes. It flutters so feebly as if it would go out being blown. Kaori faintly vibrated the throat a minute, and said. “Well.....anyway I call him.” "You had better not" “Why?” “Did you hear what he said?” Kaori's eyelid swelled in red. Kei sat down at the table and poked a salad as if nothing particular happened. He felt that the weight of the fork has increased. "He said he will be waiting for you, right?" Kei continued to talk to Kaori who had been unconscious. "Seems to me he would not answer your call or mail.... Perhaps he is supposed to meet you and then talk. If he wants an answer from you at once, he would have already sent you mail or the phone would have rung first.” Kei couldn’t believe his talkativeness. Kei was talking as if it was not his business, though Kaori, Kei’s senior, was frightened like a little girl. Kei thought that he did not get involved in Kaori who should be an important person for him. And he left the chair, saying “So.....” "What did you tell him about me?" Kaori's glance cut the sky in a moment and fell on the floor. Then she fell silent for a while. She opened the mouth slowly, and her eyes were turned on the outside of the window. The clouds that soaked up neon light in Shinjuku were stagnant low. "Nothing..." "You told that I am a gentle boy faking a twisted personality.” “It’s just a figure of speech.” “What I want to say is not that. I didn’t write anything twisted in the mails to you. Well. I actually wrote about musicians in detail, so I might be kind. But the day I was twisted and had a dispute with you is only one night at Shibuya. And it was almost one week ago, right?” The cellular phone vibrated in Kei’s palm. It was a mail from Rika. 《Listening ? 》 After a while, 《I wonder what he is thinking. 》 Kei watched a profile of Kaori who was biting her lower lip, stealing a glance at the display so that Kaori would not notice it. Kaori stood up taking a handbag on the floor suddenly. Kaori's eyes looked wet through her flowing hair. Kei slowly started to talk after a moment of silence. "I wonder I’ve been thinking too much...." "Thinking what?" “Kaori, isn’t it strange? Did you see him recently?” Kaori thought for a while. Then she gave words toward Kei’s head, holding the jacket on the chair. “Just once I’ve met him... I wonder why Osawa-san is telling such a lie". Kei was sunk in thought while watching the light over the table, turning his eyes away from Kaori. It’s sure that Kei has spent with Kaori for seven nights. On one of those days he returned to Kaori’s room in Setagaya to take some documents for the event and underwear for a few days. But Kei completely forgot about what day of the week it happened. It was the same as other two days. Kaori talked that she was supposed to have a drink with her friend, Saki, at the bar where she arranged to meet Kei in Shibuya. It was the second time Kei doubted.

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