15th Mar 2010

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    1. My Novel Unforgettable' 15/44

      All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .

      Kei had a bite of sandwiches, keeping silence. A taste of sweet-and –sour tomatoes spread to the mouth from a half- slice of bread.
      “Excuse me for interrupting you at table.”
      Abruptly Saki appeared from a bush on the right hand, nodded and smiled. Then she took a step back and gazed at Kei slowly from his feet to tips of his hair. The gaze was not like the vulgar one for sizing up guys. It’s more serious and just like an extension of work. Saki sat down next to Kaori who was having coffee, holding her bag under her arm, then looked down Kei with a stoop and said cheerfully. For a second the scent of strong perfume brushed against Kei. Kei forgot No., but might be the same Channel as Yurika.
      “Is he that guy?”
      Kaori nodded back a little sipping coffee. Then Saki said standing before Kei, swinging her golden pierced earrings that are as small as her small eyes. She resembles Kaori in appearance and her voice was rich and beautiful.
      “Nice to meet you.”
      Saki continued to say that Kei was just the same as the photo on SNS and gazed at Kei in the same way as a little while ago.
      “Converse dead stock, old 501 and maybe Hanes T-shirt red label? ...judging from the shabby neckline.”
      Suddenly Kei stooped the hand holding a sandwich.
      “Seems to me they are not Kaori’s taste.”
      Saki fingered her loose wavy hair and gave a light smile. Kei answered to it in amusement because Saki’s words was not a sarcasm,
      “Hermes Jane Birkin and patent mules. Also Hermes. How many guys are involved with them?”
      “The same as Kaori.”
      Kei smiled nodding. Then Saki laughed and tapped the knees of Kaori who also laughed. And Saki added that she understood why Rika was attracted to Kei.
      “See you tomorrow!”
      Kaori said to Kei after Saki was lost in their views. Kei was still laughing.
      “Kei, I’m sure Saki’s things are presents from a man, but her father bought her all of them.”
      Kei tried to say that there is no difference, but stopped it. Because Ken was in similar circumstances. There is Nokia cellular phone in his back pocket on the right and a gold credit card in a wallet. Both of them are not Kei’s.
      “You intended this meeting, right?”
      “If I told you it in advance, would you come here?”
      Kaori leaned against a steel fence, standing up with a smile, and then said in a quiet voice. Her voice was much smaller than a bustle in a distance.
      “Saki will get married after this event. She will go to Italy.”
      The sea smell has a light sweetness. A scrap of leaflet torn off was flied by the wind and went through the darkness at Kei’s feet.
      “We worked together at the reception of an advertising agency before this event started. Saki went round with a married man there. It already ended up, though. But she was tough. At the same time, she was going round with an Italian guy just on the same floor. Can you believe that?”
      “Did she tell you about that?”
      Kei asked, leaning to Kaori quietly. Kaori nodded to the spreading light of night view.
      “I went to have a drink with the Italian guy a couple of times, you see, the bar at Shibuya where we met....but Saki never mentioned about that...”
      “You are her friend.....then what did you think?”
      Kaori said after thinking for a minute. The light in circle of Ferris wheel, glowing bluely in the night sky, looked waning a little.
      “I thought she could not talk to me that’s because I am her best friend. Maybe it was a very important matter for her...Now I think.”
      “Maybe the Italian guy may know it. But he tried to keep silence. I think he really loved her.”
      “I wonder if Saki noticed it.”
      “I’m not sure....If she got married realizing that, she would get along well.”
      “I think so. I do hope so, too.”

      Kaori took aside the tip of her hair over a lip gloss. Then she looked back slowly with a smile. Kei thought Kaori was beautiful this moment. Then suddenly Yurika flitted through his mind and Rika’s happy face, full of potatoes in her mouth, and Osawa came across his mind. Kei took away those images with Kaori’s calm eyes falling on the dark waves.
      “I think that an answer to love affair is already fixed before you talk about it with someone this way and that.”
      Kei tried to ask about a love with him, but stopped. He clammed up because he thought it is too childish.
      “Let’s walk a minute, shall we?”
      Kaori started to walk to the sidewalk along the line of port which was lower one step, taking Kei’s hands. The tip of her fingers was cold although it was summer. The cold feel came down from the tips of her fingers clasped and cooled down his burning heart quietly.

      At the moment Kaori threw a pebble she picked up to the dark waves, Kei looked back. Behind them, particles of white lights in an arch are seen. Under the particles, endless red tails of lights flow drawing lines gently. It was a soundless, still sight.

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