15th Mar 2010

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    1. My Novel Unforgettable' 16/44

      All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .

      "Say, why is a city flooded with light? What do you think?"
      Kei shook his head. It was a blunt, indifferent gesture.
      "Noticed recently... "
      A shadow remained in the ends of her words. Kaori stopped her steps again and leaned against the steel fence. Then she thinly opened the lips, casting her clear eyes in the far distance.
      "Maybe, a place where light and shade is clarified…"
      Kei did not answer it. Because it was a cliché.
      Kei took a sip of already lukewarm coffee and watched her profile quietly. The overlapping night view was blurred dancing in the back of her soft eyes.
      "So what?"
      "Various things might be necessary to shine."

      Kaori smiled at Kei softly, walked in silence for a while and tuned to the left at the end. The bustle and the lights behind him suddenly faded and the wind got cold. Kei squinted his eyes. The horizon at the end of the deep darkness divided into the upper part and the lower part in two colors and drew a thin line dimly.
      Kaori sat on the handrail and turned her back on the waves. Then she put her arm behind the neck and untied the hair weaved. The hair streamed to the night sky like loosing the strain of the day. At the tip of the hair, little stars were twinkling quietly. The half moon on the sky drawn into Kaori’s eyes was reflected overlapping in her wet eyes.

      Kaori put her right hand on the cheek to hold the streaming hair.
      “What can I do in such a time?”
      “What do you mean?”
      Kaori turned her eyes to the waves a minute and smiled again.
      “I wanted to come here with you. I just wanted to see the night view together...”
      A sweet smell mixed lightly with a scent of tide passed Kei’s heart. It’s a good old smell mixed with a sweat and also kind of smell which melts the surface of Kei’s frozen memories slowly.
      Kaori approached a step and dropped the knee lightly to close her forehead to Kei’s.
      Her chest shines dimly as if it absorbed the stillness of the moon floating quietly in the darkness. It seemed to Kei that one more button of her blouse was undone than usual.

      Kaori noticed Kei’s glance and looked at him again, giggling. Once nodded, then she shot him a serious look. Kei looked around quietly. The bustle has gone far away. Kei thought that various hours would go away when they spend together.
      Kei’s fingertip reached Kaori and touched her cheek. He slowly spread the hands to wrap her cheeks. Kei felt Kaori’s warmth through her cheek that got cold with the wind. Kaori’s closed eyelids appeared to waver.
      Kei reached up a little and kissed her. A sweet sigh escaped her lips that opened thinly. Then it was absorbed in the coming night air and faded.



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