30th Nov 2010

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    1. Any hotel lobbies are dirty in yellow. Under the white lights, everything gets back to primary colors and people look them right. The dirty yellowish lights at the hotel ; not only heavy lights falling down from the chandelier but also streaks of sharp lights from the ceiling lights and the wall, crossed like creeping and crystallized right under the chandelier in the center. Kei thought that the luscious lights trying to catch attention of guests who set foot in the lobby looked yellow lights that directed commonplace dishes. It seemed to Kei that the elegant sparkle of marble laid on the whole floor and the whole wall was sleazy like cheap plastics.

      When they were about to enter, a door man shot a persistent look to Kei, from his muddy toes to his wet hair. Kei was disturbed by the gaze for a moment because he thought they might be kicked out of the hotel. But the doorman seemed to have hesitated as he looked at Rika in a suit style, walking before Kei

      Rika ran up the low steps in marble with a snappy pace and pushed the button at the elevator in the front. The party was supposed to be held on the 45th floor, the top floor.
      Kei looked back without intention. When he looked at the sparkle of the chandelier hanging heavily in the stairwell around 5th floor, the top floor, he felt down and drooped. His contempt for marble that he felt at first suddenly went away. He was overwhelmed with the beauty he looked it over again. Kei whispered in Rika’s ear in a thin voice.
      “As soon as we get off the elevator, a staff presses us. He asks us if we have a pass.” Rika sighed a little looking at Kei’s posture reflecting in gold on the door and said in shock.
      “Kei, you are a fool, indeed! Don’t you think we should use emergency stairs after we get off on 44th floor? What would happen if we appear directly? Maybe the staff is just one. As I said before, a party for ending the work would start immediately after the concert. I mean before they pitch the audience out.”
      “You really like music? You don’t know kind of inside story at all.” Rika added her words, looking up at the number of the floor indicated in the elevator. Kei asked as if he relieved anxiety.
      “Why are you so sure that the staff is one?”
      “Because it’s a fair distance from Hibiya to Shinjuku. I think the security would get easier if they go further. Well, it’s just my scent. And he is not an idol. I guess no fans chase him.”

      They got to the 44th floor, and went to a sign of emergency stairs just on the right.
      Rika opened the heavy fire door with her shoulder and ran up the stairs on the left. Kei looked at downstairs, leaning against the rails. Kei shrunk from the height and looked at the blurred streaks of lights through the stairs cutting the darkness that was thinning down intermittently.
      Rika raised her voice with a frown, looking at Kei.
      Rika opened the door on the 45th floor with her elbow slowly and made a faint smile at Kei looking into the lobby. Then she put up her index finger. The staff was one.

      The same lights extended to the similar marble also, from the chandelier which is smaller in radius, about two rounds, than that on the lobby.
      The male staff over the rails which surrounded the escalator took a handkerchief out of his jacket and wiped his forehead. Then he apologized to the transceiver in his hand bowing down and disappeared into the hall in a hurry.

      Rika started to run when she clasped Kei by the arm hard. Once they went to the window, and then veered to the hall on the left slowly along the glass wall. Rika showed her subtle conduct on the floor where she found no one as if she just went out of the hall for a short rest. Kei withheld his laughter looking at Rika’s manner like a mouse. But he was impressed by her prompt action that he lacked.
      Rika opened the door of the hall a little, made Kei enter and glided into the hall.

      The hall was lighter than Kei thought and there were few people. An elderly man in a suit who looked like a superior was giving some greetings heartily at the podium.
      Kei slowly looked around. The hall was not so dark as the night spot Kei used to visit, but it was dim as the lighting was set weak. Kei imagined that the sound of music was vibrating the floor harder.  

      The sparkle of chandelier on the low ceiling Kei looked up was too clear. Kei was disturbed. Most women wore chic dresses and most men were in suits although some guys were in casual jeans like Kei. It was totally the opposite of the party that Kei and Rika imagined.
      “This is not a place for us.”
      Rika’s voice sounded less nervous than Kei’s voice. Rika may have been brought to such parties by her father and accustomed to this kind of atmosphere. At least, Rika seemed to be more experienced than Kei.

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