30th Nov 2010

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    1. Kei opened his cellular phone sitting on the stairs in the center of Kaori’s apartment. A soft light wrapped Kei’s sweaty forehead.
      Kei opened the inbox and found a mail from Rika. The subject was blank.
      《Can I see you somewhere? I have something to talk to you.》
      Kei tapped the keys in a hurry.
      《You know, I mailed to you many times. I’ve been worrying about you. Can I talk to you? Right now. 》
      There was a reply,《Sure.》 a while after Kei sent his mail. Kei called Rika’s phone number right away.
      “Are you a1l right? You’ve been absent from classes. I asked the fussy secretary of the prep school and she replied shortly, 《You were absent longer than her.》 You are different from me, right?”
      Rika smiled a little and said. It was the familiar, cheerful voice.
      “Don’t worry. I just wanted to think about many things by myself….For a while, I was hanging out many places for a change.”
      “If you say so, that’s OK….What’s that you want to talk to me?”
      “Kei, can I see you? How about now?”
      For a moment Kei hesitated at her invitation that sounded formal unusually, but answered.
      “Sure. But Rika, I was at Kaori’s apartment now.”

      There was a long silence. Kei added words like patching things up.
      “Rika, perhaps you are correct. Kaori and I don’t go well after all. We must be not well-matched. Well, our ages must be concerned, but Kaori is sound on her goal, and it has finally come true. So she won’t need me anymore. I don’t have a goal like that Kaori has….Thank you for the other day. You accompanied me a whole day doing a rash act. “
      “I want to see you right now.”
      “Where can I meet you?”
      “Come to my room…I’ll send you my address by mail. You ‘ve got GPS, right?”
      I will be waiting…
      After a while, a small figure suddenly appeared over the darkness of a long street, swayed and stopped. The sound of heels vibrated quietly. Kei thought the figure may be Kaori.
      At the moment Kaori asked so doubtfully, the back seat door of a red car opened. Legs got out of it and Osawa’s long hair swayed. A figure of Kaori in a distance trembled a little. Osawa fixed his eyes on Kei.

      In a moment Osawa noticed Kei’s glance fallen on the car, heaved a deep sigh and said.
      “What’s the matter? Did you think I drive around a red BMW? I am different from other lots. A fool tends to make a gorgeous fence.”
      Faint lassitude was shown in Kei’s eyes. It was far from his anger. It was, rather, something that he couldn’t afford.

      The figure of Kaori stiffened. She appeared to be astonished at a sign of two people. Kaori’s voice with a gasp fell from the end of the darkness.
      The two shadows stared each other side by side. Kei rubbed his eyes. The shadow was a blur in the heat and swayed.
      “I got here guided by GPS. Because I’ve got a thing I must talk today….”
      The line of shadow behind Kaori tightened for a second. Then Kaori relaxed and asked gently,
      “How about your work?”
      Osawa took a square shadow out of the back seat, saying that it is a convenient age.
      Perhaps it is a notebook PC. A small lamp blinked like taking a deep breath at the edge of the square shadow.
      The shadow of Osawa turned back to Kei slowly. He took a step forward and asked Kei. Two shadows of buildings overlapped sharply over Osawa’s head.
      “How are you getting along?”
      Kei froze, then kept silent and bit his lips. The sweat on his forehead glistened with the dim light of the street lamps.
      “He said he came here to say good-bye to you.”

      The figure of Kaori suddenly became small. Kei gasped at her appearance. The stringy spit adhered to the tip of his tongue.
      “Perhaps you couldn’t believe that. Look at his cellular phone. A record of mail and call is left. I just happened to hear it. I didn’t intend to hear it, though. You know, it’s hot and humid.”
      Osawa looked backed to the open window of the car and said. Kei once swallowed the spit and opened his mouth. The lower lip was dry and rough.
      “I don’t want you to say…..I hate you. I really hate a guy like you.”
      “Why do you hate me? Because I work with famous artists and try to get at her, taking advantage of that?”


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