22nd Jul 2011

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    1. My novel Unforgettable' 41/44 Kei leaned his elbow and nestled to Kaori’s profile on a pillow. Her sweet smell as they met first faded away and her dull cheeks suggested just the dead strain. Kei often ran his fingers through his loose hair. Kaori said in a thin voice closing her eyes. “Sorry….Kei… I slept with him…Once we made love, various thinks broke down…” A sharp pain stabbed at his chest. The heavy, sharp pain was stabbed hard and didn’t seem to pass away. Kei closed his eyes and heard silently. He ran his fingers through Kaori’s hair and patted it again and again. Kei couldn’t find anything to do besides doing so. He was irritated at himself because that was an only thing he can do. He clenched his back teeth. Kei shed tears quietly not to awake Kaori who kept closing her eyes. He controlled his sob welling up without end and cried patting her hair over and over. Meanwhile Kaori’s soft breathing escaped and Kei also went to sleep without notice. Kei woke up to Kaori’s call. He woke to find that Kaori wore full makeup and stood at Kei’s bedside with a look of smile. A deep, blue shadow fell on her hollow, sunken cheeks. But it warmed Kei’s heart to think Kaori was beside him. Kei lifted himself and said to the window with a pale light. “What time is it?” “Maybe, around five…” It was Kaori’s clear-cut tone which sounded familiar to Kei at they met first. The existence of Kaori was slightly becoming clearer than last evening. “Kei, I’ve got to take the first train….” “Are you leaving?” “I’m going to Milan…” Kaori said so to Kei who looked sleepy rubbing his eyes and she smiled. When Kei got down the stairs, he found his father was having a breakfast at the living room. He stopped for a moment and passed by the table easily pulling Kaori. At the moment they passed by, Kaori bent and greeted his father like a clear-cut address for an extension of event, saying “I’m sorry for visiting suddenly at night.” Kei pushed Kaori’s back to the front door hard and closed the door of the living room, but Kaori still repeated “Thank you.” Kei drove Kaori t out of the front door first and bent to lace up his Converse. Kei heard his father’s voice from behind the back. “Is she leaving?” Kei kept silence. The shoelace was not tightened. It irritated him. Kei didn’t answer. Kei’s father said to Kei like talking to himself. I supposed that he talked in a clear voice as he asks the mirror of himself as usual “I must apologize to you…maybe I blamed you indirectly. No, I think I blamed you somewhere in my mind. I thought your mother died because you rushed out…I’ve thought about it since you left home….I’ve been wrong…I’m sorry….” Kei’s fingers stopped. The noise of TV made the quiet all around get deeper. For a while, Kei strained to hear it and took a deep breath. Then he said thinking of Kaori who was waiting for him opposite the front door. “I will see her off, father.” Kei heard the dry sound of turning over the pages of the newspaper and closed the front door. “What’s the matter?” Kei said, “Nothing.” But Kaori utterly cared about it. She was depressed and bent her head saying, “Maybe things were not good.” Kei tapped her back. “You might be late for the train.” On the unmanned platform without the roof, one black figure reached Kei’s feet from far. There was just a cold air of winter and the stillness that looked to stay there long. The sun was still low, but it sent out the strong light like going through the stillness all around. Every one of them stuck to Kei’s shaking legs and shoulders. Kei said to Rika like casting aside them. She was standing shrugging her shoulders with the cold. “Are you going to Milan?” Kaori nodded lightly. “I will stay at Saki’s.” Kei nodded silently and said to Kaori. “When are you going back?” Kaori said that she doesn’t know and bent her head. A white sigh made a small cloud. “Can I see you again?” Kaori lifted her face and looked at Kei. Her clean eyes were those of Kaori as she was. Kaori looked away from him and said after hesitating a bit. “I won’t see you any more…” “Why?” Shakes at Kei’s feet increased. The chill inhaled filled his chest and gathered. Kaori kept silence for a while looking at Kei’s looks. Then she pulled his arm out of the pocket and touched the palm. The soft, familiar touch of Kaori recalled Kei’s memory. “He….” Kaori said and collected herself at once. “I wanted to learn many things from Osawa-san, so we were not friends any more…” Kaori said so and added words. “I’m sorry….” “I understand it. I vaguely know it…..But can we start over again?” Next. http://www.fotolog.com/stealaway/86410856

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