5th Mar 2010

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      some hide the aces on their sleeves,
      some hide secrets under their tongues,
      many whisper lies through their teeth
      and many in tears they finally let go.
      some write pages and pages of the things
      they wished they could have done
      but never found the courage to do so,
      some sing hymns of love to those
      that left them so long ago,
      some scratch poetry in the foam of the waves,
      some sacrifice themselves on crosses for the sins
      of their love.

      some sing, some dance, some cry, some laugh.
      some never give up and
      some resign and under pressure crack,
      some jump off airplanes, some dig up holes,
      some run in circles with scissors
      and some blow up in smoke.

      some walk endless trails of pilgrims
      and some take fearless leaps of faith
      some write dark moody symphonies
      and some just lie down and stare.

      but i, none of these can do,
      for i hold nothing but my own.
      so i sit in silence and i observe with might,
      i wear my heart for all to see
      and nothing i will hide.

      this is me. this is what i do.
      this is all i have.
      i am me through and through.

      for all we've loved,
      for all we've won and lost,
      for all we left and all we've wronged
      this is my prayer and my oath:

      i shall be me under sun and under rain,
      i shall sing and roam until days come to end,
      i will laugh and i will cry whenever i see it fit
      i will compromise not my heart
      nor my soul
      nor my mind
      for there is nothing else i can be, but me.

      -esto es lo que último que subiré a este lugar
      por un largo rato -


      Vivan felices!

      (sí va a haber fotos

      en http://www.flickr.com/photos/teleoalreves/

      y en http://www.teleoalreves.com.ar/

      luego,todos nos olvidaremos.



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