29th Oct 2007

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    1. so selfish
      so dumb
      you're fuckin you life now
      so stupid
      so small
      you're ruining everything

      i hate you
      i hate you
      fake it til you make it
      leave me alone
      leave me alone
      soon i will erase it
      dont want you
      dont want you
      fake it til you make it
      forget me
      forget me
      soon i will erase it

      leave me here and never come back
      forget everything and dont ever look back
      im tired of you, i wish you could see
      how you left me how you broke me

      i'm giving you up
      i'm starting a new life
      this is what i'll do
      before i go blind
      you wouldnt want to be me
      fake it til we make it

      so lost in your head
      i know you dont care
      so lost in their lies
      some day you'll cry
      i try and i try
      but its all in vain
      you're hurt
      you're blind
      i'm here
      i'm not fine
      lies and lies
      just a waste of time
      love and love
      nothing can find


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