12th Sep 2012

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    1. ...since the last time i cried.

      and in this case
      it has nothing to do with myself

      it's just ..
      they touch you.

      there are people who are sooo
      people who care
      who try
      who love and help others

      people who give all they got
      or just a piece of themselves
      asking nothing in reward

      why can't we all be like that?!
      why can't we for a little while forget ourselves
      our own needs
      and look a bit more further?..

      why we wait for that 'special' moment
      to start giving instead of taking?

      i know i am no different
      though i wish i would be..
      maybe i wouldn't cry then right now
      cause i would know
      that i did my best to be like one of those people
      who now make me cry
      by being so extraordinary
      and magical,
      able to change things.

      thank you*

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